Technology Facts That You Have Never Heard About

by Scienceteaser

Introduction To The Best Technology Facts

Everyone is interested in different subjects, technology facts seems to be the most interesting. This is because of the advancements that have been made in recent years along with its exponential growth rate.

Humans have always been drawn to anything tech related. This is due to the curiosity of either how it works or how it can benefit an individual. These benefits range from entertainment to incredibly efficient learning. Humans are also much like computers. We have the CPU replicating the human brain to process instructions, we have the RAM that replicates a human’s ability to multitask, the HDD which stores memory (Much simpler method than ours) and a GPU which you could say gives us our vision.

The most interesting fact about technology is how we use it to learn. People use the internet every single day to research, practice, and expand at such an amazing rate compared to before the internet existed. Just think, you are reading this blog right now and about you learn the most interesting technology facts below!

The Greatest Technology Facts

  1. If you work in an office, and your stuck on that keyboard all day, your fingers will travel roughly 12.6 miles just typing alone. 
  2. Nicéphore made the very first camera in 1816 and to have your picture taken with this camera took eight hours. 
  3. In 1977, the Apple II was released. The hard drive was only 5MB, weird to think we use Terabytes now which would be 1000000MB.  
  4. Ubuntu is a distribution of Linux and is one of the most popular, and guess what? The word “Ubuntu” actually originates from the African language and means “I am because of you” 
  5. GPS is an incredibly handy feature. GPS helps everyone navigate with ease and has been implemented into applications. The most interesting part about GPS is, it is not free. It actually costs the US tax payers a whopping $2 million per day to run.  
  6. 86% of people actually attempt to insert their USB device the wrong way round! Come on, who’s guilty of this?  
  7. If you are a gamer, this one will be good news. Surgeons who grew up playing video games actually make 37% fewer mistakes! Now of course not everyone is a surgeon, but it just shows how technology can improve your dexterity skills.  
  8. Snapchat was called Picaboo when it was first released in 2011, in 2012 Picaboo rebranded into “Snap Chat”  
  9. Amazon sells more eBooks than it does printed books! Now do you see how much our precious tech is taking over! 
  10. In the oxford dictionary, the word “Android” means a human but with a male robotic appearance.  
  11. The internet Is over 10000+ days old. if you would like to find out how many days the internet was released before you were born you can click here.
  12. Have you ever wondered why keyboard are in the style QWERTY? This style was actually designed to slow down your typing. If you would like a keyboard that was designed to speed up typing then try the Dvorak keyboard
  13. Over 50% of the internet traffic actually comes from hackers who release phishing, malicious software. 
  14. The amount of viruses released each month total around 6000.
  15. The first ever mouse created was carved from wood, find out about it here.

The technology facts above are all accurate. If you wish to see more articles like this then please let us know using the contact page.

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