24-Hour Fast and How to Succeed

by Scienceteaser

24-hour fast long term results

What would go through your mind if you went a full 24-hour without eating i.e if you succeeded the 24-hour fast?

Getting through a 24-hr fast is beneficial in so many ways, if you are a healthy person and are not suffering from any illnesses then it’s more than likely that fasting would not harm you. We are going to look at the benefits of performing a 24-hour fast and the studies that back them up to assure you it is the right thing to do.

So… why would you fast for 24 hours?

  • Promotes Weight loss
  • Increases Longevity
  • Improves Brain function
  • Increases autophagy which promotes anti-cancer activities

The above are some of the health benefits to performing the 24-hour fast, but what about results? Well I decided to give it a try for six months, ensuring I would perform a 24-hour fast once a week paired with a gym working a few times a week (Which I was previously doing before fasting) As you can see I have managed to reduce my body fat percentage greatly while still being able to build muscle. I saw improved muscle gains from fasting, but we will get to the studies that strongly suggest why muscle growth increases during fasting later.

24-hour fast results
24-hour fasting results during a period of 6 months.

Many of you will be wondering how I got so lean and wish to know my “secrets” truth be told I do not have any secrets. I count my calories A.K.A calorie restriction, which equates to around 2500 a day as my muscles have increase my metabolic rate. I workout 3 times a week ensuring I do full body workouts. I Intermittent fast 16 hours a day and I also add in a 24 hour fast during the week, I try to keep this on the same day every week so my body is prepared for fasting. I wouldn’t recommend water fasting as it is important to keep the brain hydrates to ensure you have enough electrolytes for optimal brain function.

Some of the amazing health benefits I have seen my self are as follow:

  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Reduced Insulin resistance
  • Improved energy expenditure
  • Increased muscle growth
  • Better sleeping habits

From the benefits I have received myself, I can only recommend intermitted fasting mixed with 24-hour fasting. At first it felt like a massive change to my lifestyle, but after the first week it starts to feel normal and becomes a routine. So, I have decided to share in depth with you all, how I succeed with the 24-hr fast.

24-Hour Fast and How to Succeed With It

Jumping in blind to a 24 hour fast will mentally destroy most people, they will not be prepared for the intense hunger pains and they will give in and never return to the fast. So, let’s get started on how you can combat this and complete your very first 24-hr fast.

Intermittent Fasting

The reason I am starting with this is because you need to get your body use to not eating. I guarantee you cannot do a 24 hour fast all at once so it is important you build your way up. Start off not eating for 16 hours (This includes sleep time) and learn to cope with the hunger pains.

Once the hunger pains from a 16 hour fast become normal and you can cope easier with them, jump up to a 20 hour fast.  Keep in mind although this does not seem like a big jump, you will face more intense hunger pains due to the secretion of Ghrelin (hunger hormone)

Finally, once you are able to complete a 20 hour fast then move onto the 24 hour fast. This will be hard for the first time, but due to the tolerance you have built up to hunger pains it will be bearable.

Replacing breakfast from refined carbs to whole carbs or proteins

Refined carbs are broken down extremely easily and quickly by your digestive system, because of the sugars added to these carbs it will spike your blood sugar in a morning. When blood sugar gets spiked your body reacts by releasing a huge amount of insulin to get your blood sugar levels back to normal. When you repeat this routine daily your body starts to become prepared for refined carbs and when you don’t get them, your body sends out hunger signals which is what you want to reduce when fasting.

Instead of refined carbs, I suggest a protein-based breakfast. Protein does not spike blood sugar levels and is digested slowly, meaning you get a feeling of fullness for much longer and reduce the number of calories you eat. This trains your body to reduce its hunger signals on average leading to an easier fast when the day comes.

A breakfast I love to have every morning would be: Oatmeal porridge which contains blueberries, almonds, raspberries and granola. This contains a good amount of whole carbs and proteins ready for you to start the day.

24-hour fast breakfast idea

Avoid Protein Shakes

Yes, I said it, avoid PROTEIN SHAKES. But why, I just said proteins were perfect for fasting didn’t I? Yes, this is true, but you should keep in mind that your body does not treat a shake as a meal. Due to shakes being a drink it is digested very differently and confuses your brain which then leads to more hunger hormone being released because your brain thinks you did not get a meal. This is a prime example of why body builders who bulk have protein shakes. They love to feel hungry so they can get more food. So, if you are attempting the 24 hours fast then my advice is avoiding the protein shakes all together.

Do Not Exercise During Your 24 Hours Fast

This is a big one when it comes to fasting. Many people do not realise how active they are being during their fasting, and it takes it toll. When you exercise without food your body begins to panic. You start to burn your fat storage fast. This is the prime time for your body to start shouting “GIVE ME SOME FOOD” and it does this by… you guessed it, releasing hunger hormone.

My personal advice for this is to perform the fasting during a day of rest, such as a Sunday. I avoid fasting during working hours at all costs.

Finally Keep Busy

This is quite unknown, but when you become bored your serotonin (Happy hormone) levels drop. When you eat tasty food, your body releases serotonin because it is happy you are eating. So, you can guess what happens when you get bored right? Yep, more of that delicious hunger hormone your body loves to torture you with. So, keep busy during the day, my personal preference is to study or play games to keep my brain occupied.

The Benefits of Fasting

I said earlier in this guide that I would go into depth with the benefits, and when I say something, I stick to it! So, see below for the great benefits of a 24-hour fast.

Promotes Weight Loss

When you start to fast, your body begins to increase your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and the purpose of doing this is to start burning your fat for fuel during the day instead of it’s sugar reserves. Therefore, it’s important to fast on the same day each week so your body can begin this process quicker which reduces the hunger pains felt during the day.

When you start your 24-hour fast, your body realises it is getting a break from constantly digesting food. The increases in HGH and the improved digestive system performance raises the metabolism to start burning more calories during the day. This is to prepare the body for bursts of activity. So, you may be wondering why your body thinks you are going to have bursts of activity, and this is a good question.

During the caveman days we would go days without food. The only way to get food would be to hunt for animals which means sprinting after them for long periods of times. This led to our body evolving to prepare us to get a quick dose of energy during times of no food. Which is why your body has become so efficient in burning its fat storage.

Regular fasting also regulates the hunger hormone Ghrelin, as during a normal day of eating Ghrelin spikes during breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is because your body thinks this is the correct time to eat as that is what you have trained it to do. Studies show that while fasting your Ghrelin hormone because stable during the entire day.

Helps Increase Longevity

The human body has evolved to become self-healing to increase our survival rates. It has done this particularly well with the current environment it was in. However, times have changed, and we have gone from eating once every few days, to eating many times a day. The result of this is the body does not have time to heal because it is constantly digesting food. Therefore common conditions such as acne have been on the rise. Simply because the body does not have time to pay attention to them.

While fasting you are giving your body a full 24 hours to get rid of all its toxic and refresh itself, you may be hesitant to this idea but once you try the 24-hour fast you will begin to see how much of a positive effect it has on your body as a whole.

Increases Autophagy Which Reduces Tumors and Prevents Cancer

The body needs to kill its bad cells in order to prevent them multiplying. Preclinical studies, Dietary restriction has shown to extend the lifespan and even reduce age-related diseases such as a diabetes, cancer and neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases. This is the extent of how beneficial 24-hour fasting can be.

I hope everyone reading this has learned a substantial amount regarding the 24-hr fast and will go away from this ready to start your own and reap the health benefits associated with it. If you do have any questions feel free to contact us.

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