Benefits of Eating Breakfast – Our Top 5 Reasons to Eat An Early Meal

by Scienceteaser
Benefits of eating breakfast

The benefits of eating breakfast are incredible, so lets look at why. To start off lets look at the word breakfast. It is called “break-fast” simply because you are having the first meal after sleeping 6-8 hours. You are essentially breaking the fast that you have been doing while sleeping. Why is it so important that we break the fast then? Well during the caveman days, humans would go days without food (Simply because humans had to hunt for their food)

The human body is extremely smart, when it goes without food, it then begins to store fat. This is where breakfast comes into the equation. During your sleep you have been fasting, when you fast your body thinks you do not have any food to consume. Your body starts to prepare to go days without food.

During this phase your body slows its metabolism down which turns your food into fat so that you can access it at crucial times (such as hunting for food in the caveman era)

Why does this mean breakfast is important?   

Well imagine, you wake up in the morning your body beings to slow its metabolism, the further it gets throughout the day, your metabolism slows further. Now you eat your first meal in the afternoon, your body will turn as much of that food it can into fat deposits. Imagine doing this every day, your body will begin to pile weight on as you are tricking it into thinking it might not have food for a long time.

So, when you eat breakfast first thing in a morning, what you do you think happens? That is right, your body kick starts its metabolism and begins for a full day of food, only storing what is necessary to maintain your weight and that it why breakfast is so important, it relatively prevents your from gaining weight.

However, do not think that just because you have breakfast that you are invincible to weight gain. If you eat more calories than you require to get you through the day then your body will store this at the end of the day. This is why it is important to know all the benefits of eating breakfast when trying to lose weight.

There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that eating breakfast prevents weight gain and keeps your body functioning healthily. So, do people really skip breakfast? According to a market research company. Roughly 18% of males and 13% of females between the ages of 35 and 54 skip their breakfast. Some of this may be down to being to busy, or misconceptions about skipping meals aiding weight loss, but no matter what the situation, it is incredibly important to eat breakfast to stay healthy.

Top 5 Benefits of Eating Breakfast

1. Boost Your Metabolism and Blood Sugar Levels.

As stated above, when you eat breakfast you kick-start your metabolism, ensuring your body is functioning correctly and is not entering “starvation mode” a term to describe the body’s fat storing process. Not only does eating breakfast kick-start your metabolism, but it also keeps your blood sugar levels steady throughout the day. Blood sugar levels are important as spikes in the levels will cause spikes in insulin (A fat storing hormone) Ultimately leading to weight gain.

2. Morning Meals Help Your Body Function Leading to More Activity, Productivity and Happiness.

It is true, eating a meal in the morning stops your body from panicking, and in effect causes all your body’s processes to run at peak performance. This causes you to be more active which helps with being productive and also releases serotonin (which is the hormone responsible for happiness)

3. A Nutritious Early Meal Reduces the Risk of Cravings and Overeating During the Day

When your breakfast lacks nutrients, your body begins to send hunger signals out because it still needs the requires nutrients to function correctly. This then leads to eating even more food to gain those nutrients. The same effect is seen if you are dehydrated where your body tells you to eat food to get water out of the food. So it is extremely important to have a nutritious breakfast.

4. Eating a Meal in the Morning Is Associated With Lower Incidence of Heart Disease.

Studies have shown a massive correlation between people who eat breakfast and have a reduces the risk of heart disease. When your body enters starvation mode due to not eating breakfast, it puts a massive strain on your body, including your heart.

5. You Will Improve Your Cognitive Skills

Have you ever wondered why most breakfasts contain a lot of carbohydrates? This is due to carbohydrates playing an important role in brain function. Studies in children show a good correlation which shows that those who eat breakfast, have improved cognitive skills and perform better while they are learning.

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